September 2nd. YT2018 Day 1

We had to complete our packing and departure preparations by 09:30 to take our bus from Bangkok to Pattaya.  Quite the challenge!

However it was much easier for  Rhonda and I than for those with children.  All those little details to take care of.  Good job, Jose!

Finally the bus arrived. We got our baggage and outselves on board and set out on our two hour road trip.

Smile, please, so everyone can see how much you enjoy road trips.  Fortunately the bus was air conditioned.

 A little over two hours and there before our eyes was the hotel where we would be staying.

Also a welcome sign that assured us we were at the right place.

Check the view from our 17th floor window.  Nice swimming pools and even a real beach.  This is my kind of conference.

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