This was taken at Jonny and Kelly’s wedding.  It shows our current family except Amy (inside Tamara in this photo) and Caleb, as well as Jonny and Kelly’s first baby who we are looking forward to meet in 2016.

Rhonda & I met in Youth With A Mission (YWAM) for the first time on the Anastasis in Greece.  I (John, the good looking guy in the front of the photo)  am from Brighton in Sussex, and Rhonda (my beautiful bride of over twenty five years) is from Vancouver in British Columbia.   We are currently working with YWAM Tokyo

Made in Japan?! All four of our children – David, Jonathan, Sarah, and Mary – were born in Noda city in Chiba prefecture, Japan.  David, Jonny and Mary all graduated through Keystone National High School while doing their senior year at CAJ.  Sarah also graduated through Keystone while attending Norwegian language school in Norway.  David graduated from Trinity Western University in 2010 and Jonny is completing his final year at the same university. Our youngest Mary plans to begin her university studies at TWU as well. Sarah will be taking a DTS at The King’s Lodge UK followed by futher studies with YWAM.


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