September 6th. YT2018 Day 5

Each morning meeting has focused on a different Asian nation, showcasing the mission work and worship as well as translating the main  message into the national language.  Today focused Japan!  Here we see Mariya Yoshida, daughter of YWAM Japan  national  team leader Kazuhiko Yoshida.  Mariya was meeting mc and dance team leader while Kazuhiko spoke about Japan.  It was wonderful to see them and Japan recognized!

Two of our afternoons had choices for network meetings in various areas of interest.  Rhonda attended the educators’ meetings led by University of the Nations College of Education staff.  Here is Lisa gives a demonstration lesson regarding education for the whole person.

One of the networking groups was “city ministries” . We both attended this one today and John got to share  about the city of Tokyo.

September 5th. YT2018 Day 4

We were blessed to get time with Kalafi Moala, our YWAM national leader when we first arrived in Japan in 1985! It was great to catch up with each other!

Rhonda’s enjoyed contacting students off and on to help with studies and just keep in touch!

Later in the day 3,500 delegates partnered with churchmembers from Pattaya churches to share the good news of God’s love with schools, orphanages, old folks homes, neighborhoods, and prisons through presentations, concerts, prayer walks, and Bible distribution.  This shows some of the hundreds of vehicles hired to transport us from our hotel into city centre.

The end of the day we shared a meal with friends new and old, including our dear friend Gary who with Naoko and son Kai have moved to Sendai, to establish YWAM there.

September 4th. YT2018 Day 3

Conference leaders arranged for YWAM staff who act as elders in their local situation to host a round table lunch discussion group. Our group had members from the USA, Nepal, and India. We introduced ourselves, shared the challenges and vision we have, and then prayed for each other.

Later in the afternoon we attended a reunion for people who had been at the Manoa Valley Base in Honolulu.  I was there 1982 – 1985 when I left for Japan. There was a time to share stories from the beginning in the 1970s right up to the present.  Finally,  the present team got in the middle and the earlier guys all prayed for them to continue the vision for reaching the unreached.

(Below is a view of our hotel building from the beach where we prayed.)

September 3rd. YT2018 Day 2

Today began the conference schedule of meetings in the morning and evening where all attendees gathered. We were blessed today to have national church leaders speak, spurring us on to share our faith in Asia.

Our day began with a special visit with Rakel, YWAM Tokyo staff member, at breakfast.

At lunch we met Paula (far right) from Argentina who speaks only a little English.  Georgina (middle) came by with Kiyomi, both Spanish speakers from Okinawa YWAM!  Paula enjoyed unexpected Spanish conversation!

It was great to see Shinko here with husband Aki, long time YWAM staff friends.

We met Jeanette and Nathan from Okinawa where they were wed in April!  Jeanette was part of the 2015 prayer journey to Hokkaido.

It was a real joy to see Molly just returned from India, having worked with Jose and Maegan at an orphanage they started a few years back.


September 2nd. YT2018 Day 1

We had to complete our packing and departure preparations by 09:30 to take our bus from Bangkok to Pattaya.  Quite the challenge!

However it was much easier for  Rhonda and I than for those with children.  All those little details to take care of.  Good job, Jose!

Finally the bus arrived. We got our baggage and outselves on board and set out on our two hour road trip.

Smile, please, so everyone can see how much you enjoy road trips.  Fortunately the bus was air conditioned.

 A little over two hours and there before our eyes was the hotel where we would be staying.

Also a welcome sign that assured us we were at the right place.

Check the view from our 17th floor window.  Nice swimming pools and even a real beach.  This is my kind of conference.