August 31st Bangkok – Side Trip.

Today, just happened to be the graduation day for the  Okinawa DTS.  I had learnt about this at our last NLT meeting by zoom before we headed out on our journey.  Kazuhiko at that time invited me to attend if possible.  If possible turned out to be an hour and a half taxi ride in rush hour covering over fifty kilometers.

It was both an honour and a privilege to be able to witness the students sharing testimony of both their personal growth and evangelism experiences during the school.

I also got to meet all of the staff.  After the ceremony we headed to the mall for a celebration feast.


I only have two photos from the meal.

When the festivity subsided, I headed for a quick fix at starbucks and took another taxi back to home base.

Upon arrival I discovered the meetings had just finished and was pleseantly surprised to meet Jose, Maegan and family.  We we out with them for the evening meal, it was very plesent to catch up with them.

However, my duties were not yet over for the day.  I had been seconded to help purchase snacks for tomorrow’s morning tea break.  I really enjoyed this though as I got to spend more  time with family we have been getting to know.

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