September 1st. Bangkok

This YWAM base is amazing.  At the back is a  structure which reminds me of my days spent in Calcatta mansion back on the pioneer ministries base in Honolulu before I came to Japan.  I especially like the cross on the roof!!

This morning I spent most of my time upgrading my snap chat skills, taking lessons from my Sensei.  You can see from the picture he is way ahead of me.  He left with his family right after lunch so I have time to practice my new skills before we meet again in Pattaya.

Rhonda and I decided to get our constitutional and walked to the Lotus store to buy some needed supplies for our next week of meetings.  It was about half an hour’s walk each way.  It was interesting to see how the meat was set out, not in the nice neat small packages we are used to back in Japan.

While searching for almond and soya milk we ran into an American man from San Francisco married to a Thai lady from Fang.  They took time to help us in our search.  It was most pleasant and altogether we had about a forty five minute interchange.  We were originally going to eat at the store but as our talking took longer than expected we decided to return to the base.

Having taken a reasonable time to recuperate from all that walking, we decided to put a wash on and try out the local KFC.  It is much cheaper here than in Japan.  In the laundry room we met this lovely lady also from Fang.  She remembered me from the time I visited our very first Bi-Lingual DTS outreach team and we visited the orphanage where she was working.

What are the chances of meetings two different ladies from a village over six hours train ride from where we are staying???

Feeling rather hungry we headed out into the brightly light streets to find KFC.  Crossing that road was quite a challenge but we did make it OK.

Just in case you don’t believe we were both there, I took this selfie.  I promise you that I did not use photo shop.

It took awhile after ordering our food for it to arrive, so I found myself sitting accross the table from my beautiful wife and could not resist taking a picture of this breath taking moment.


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