August 27th Thailand-My Birthday!

First day of the Education Conference.   There were about thirty attendees from several many different nations.  Breakfast was from 07:00 which I found to be very reasonable.

 I met a brother from Fiji who knows Mosese from YWAM Tokyo.  Apparently they met at the same YWAM base in Fiji.

I also met another brother from Indonesia whom Rhonda had met previously at a different education event.  He comes from Malang where our Bi-Lingual DTS did their outreach.

I found a few chances to help with the set up tables and make name tags.  I even recruited a name tag buddy to help get it all done in time.

Rhonda jumped into everything and was in her element interacting with fellow educators.

Sharing experiences in education in groups of two.

Reporting on the groups sharing about what was important to them in starting schools.

At the end of the day Rhonda and I were able to go out and celebrate with a nice nice birthday meal.  The restaurant even gave us a 10% discount as it was my birthday.  What a nice way to end the day.

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