August 26th Thailand

Today Rhonda and I both had to get up before 06:00 in order to catch the bus, that would enable us to catch the trains, that would enable us to get to Haneda airport and catch our 10:30 flight to Bangkok.

As you can see we made it safely and here we are checking in at Haneda.  This too went very smoothly and enabled us to make use of a wonderful facility at the arrivals area one floor down.

YESSSSSSSS!!!!  Tulley’s coffee can now be enjoyed at Haneda.  The good news is that it is usually open 24/7. My standard Cafe Latte is on the table while Rhonda is seen pouring her decafinated black coffee.  Not too sure how that is supposed to keep one awake but she really seemed to enjoy it.

Fortified for the five-and-a-half hour flight we easily cleared both the security and immigration checks and proceeded to our gate.  Yep! That’s our plane.

Right after take off we were treated to a nice view if Mount Fuji.  Other than that our flight was pretty uneventful.

The good news is that we arrived safely and were able to easily locate the YWAM Bangkok base.  Now we are holed up in our very nice accommodations- with air conditioning I might add.  The bad news is that arriving rather tired, so far, I have not taken any photos here in Thailand.  Maybe tomorrow……..

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