August 30th Bangkok

So I will begin this post by introducing our room pet, Michal.  He is here every day and is hopefully keeping the mosquito population at bay.

Then I need to introduce our neighbours in the next room.  We have come to know them quite well, not just because the walls are rather thin, so one can easily hear everything that is being discussed but because we also worked together making the name tags and have interacted during meals almost every day.  Suzanne seemed to be in charge of logistics.

Tonight we went out for diner with them too, which made for a good bonding time.  This is Rhonda with Kendra. She is the older sibling.

Cayden took time to introduce me to snap chat and has been a rather patient teacher for one very slow learner.

Hopefully I can put these skills to use in the not to distant future.  I have already learnt how to add Harrison so I was able to double my contacts on my very first day.

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