Tohoku Vision Trip Day 1 Post 2

Ayashi station.  From here it is a twenty minute trainride into central Sendai, the biggest city in the Tohoku area.  We had a beautiful day in which to prayer walk around this city where Gary is feeling they should begin their journey in the Tohoku region.  Our first impression was a fairly quiet area, very green, open people and quite peaceful.

This is Mosese, a native of Fiji who joined us on our second prayer trip to Tohoku and is back again for this our final vision trip before we send out the team to pioneer the new location.  Mosese and I were paired up for prayer today.

My eyes were caught be these awesome purple flowers so I took a quick break from the prayer time to capture this picture.  I love it when I can find flowers in my favourite colour.

Ayashi has many wonderful features.  High up on the list however is that there is a McDonalds there.  Not just an ordinary run of the mill McDonalds but a McCafe where they make a serious cappuccino.  Here the nice sales lady is drawing  a bunny on the protective sleeve of my drink.

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